What all you should keep in mind before purchasing a baby blanket?

Hi, everyone!
I am sure everyone reading this post love their kids very much. Also if you are reading this, you care for your baby like anything. So lets be logical and straight forward.

Do you know how your sleep is related to your blanket?

Here are some strange facts about your sleeping behavior and your blanket. Will your blanket reduce your stress? Is your blanket perfect for you? Have you ever concerned about from where your blanket has been manufactured? You will get a clear picture of it here.

5 Reasons why you should visit Panipat

Interestingly Panipat is not just famous for "The Battle of Panipat" but also for many other reasons. Being 90 km north from Delhi and 169 km south from Chandigarh you can easily reach Panipat via NH 1. Now let's see how many reasons would influence you to visit Panipat.