5 Reasons why you should visit Panipat

Interestingly Panipat is not just famous for "The Battle of Panipat" but also for many other reasons. Being 90 km north from Delhi and 169 km south from Chandigarh you can easily reach Panipat via NH 1. Now let's see how many reasons would influence you to visit Panipat. 

Panipat NH 1

Here come the reasons:

  1. Cotton Durries and carpets:  Best quality durries and carpets are being made in Panipat called as "the city of weavers" these durries are made of cotton, wool, and other fabrics. Panipat is well known for carpets being supplied in large numbers.
    carpets and durries
  2. Curtains: Curtains plays the most important role in changing the look of your room. So whenever you are crossing by Panipat try and have a look on beautiful curtains. The variety, quality, and price will amaze you and I am sure you will end up buying something unique.
  3. Terry Towels: You would be wondering that why should I go to Panipat for purchasing towels. But the fact is these towels are not simple towels; these are terry towels with fabric loops to absorb much water than the regular one and gets dry quickly. So whenever in the rainy season your towel is still wet consider purchasing it from Panipat.
    Terry towel
  4. Blankets: When it's cold the only thing that would relax you is the warmth of a blanket. But if your blanket is not serving the purpose than mind it; that blanket is not from Panipat. The quality of blankets being manufactured in Panipat is noncomparable with any other blanket. You can look upon polar blankets as well as super soft mink blankets.
    mink blankets

5. Other flooring and home furnishing items: Once in Panipat you can easily demand bed sheets, table clothes, covers, any kind of rugs, door mats, runners and much more. Just think of a home furnishing item and you will get there. So don't overlook the board of Panipat, make a stop and shop some quality products for your beautiful living.
So another time doesn't just shop for clothes but also for home furnishing. Why gift decoratives around the year, make your relatives happy by gifting bed sheets, mink blankets, etc at reasonable rates.

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