Do you know how your sleep is related to your blanket?

Here are some strange facts about your sleeping behavior and your blanket. Will your blanket reduce your stress? Is your blanket perfect for you? Have you ever concerned about from where your blanket has been manufactured? You will get a clear picture of it here.
You must be aware of the fact that a normal body requires 8 hours sleep daily. Yes, that's true and logical. But, has anyone ever added that 8 hours of your sleep should be calm and comfortable? Maybe or maybe not. Here is the catch, when you sleep your body undergoes many changes which should be well taken care of.

How your sleep and your blanket is related?

When you sleep your body changes its temperature and able to maintain a balance between loss of heat and production of heat. Your sweating process is controlled by your brain and your body's cooling process is controlled by your skin. So just imagine, when you sleep and sweat your mind does not rest. Here is the catch, if your blanket is not able to maintain a perfect temperature as per your body then your 8-hour sleep is worthless.

  • Mink Blankets help you maintain perfect body temperature

The best temperature at which your body goes to sleep is between 60 to 70 degrees F, this temperature is your body requirement whether its summer or its winter. It is been said that a normal person sleeps within 7 minutes that's because he is able to maintain his body temperature with surrounds very quickly. I know air conditioners are essential in today's scenario but please remember your body needs proper rest and warmth. It is best recommended to sleep with a blanket in AC to have a comfortable sleep. 
Maheya Mink Blankets

  • Mink Blankets for healthy breathing

You must be wondering that why only mink blankets, why not quilts and other cotton quilts etc. This is so because mink blankets have patterns and those patterns help you breathe. Maheya, a mink blanket brand by H S Textile have well taken care of that pattern during its manufacturing process. With the latest machinery and other technologies, Maheya is serving the best quality mink blankets keeping in mind your lifestyle. You must be wondering about famous blankets brands, but it is not a matter of brand you purchase, it's all about the quality and the patterns been taken care.

  • Mink Blankets for stress-free sleep

Have you ever noticed a baby is able to sleep quickly with his mom? This is because your body needs that kind of warmth, that cozy feeling, and softness. At H S Textiles, mink blankets are made keeping in mind the warmth from a blanket and the level of softness required to melt you in your bed. Silky soft mink blanket will make your body relax and help you release stress. Your body is under stress only because every day you fight with different situations being tough. So when you sleep you should be able to release it as quickly as possible.
silky soft baby mink blanket maheya

  • Mink Blankets are light as compared to quilts

Do not get mistaken that being so cozy and comfortable, these blankets are heavy to use. Mink Blankets manufactured with latest machinery and models are very lightweight and easy to carry and sleep with. Gone are those days when you used to sleep wth heavy cotton quilts for warmth that were uncomfortable while turning and twisting. But nowadays you can purchase any type of blanket whether it be floral, embossed, designer, fluffy, or extra silky soft mink blankets.
Maheya embosed floral mink blanket

  • Improve blood circulation 

Have you ever noticed when you turn aside in a blanket some sparkling lights are seen? These sparkling lights are the charges. These are the static charges being generated due to friction. These negative and positive charges in the body and the blanket will help improve your body temperature and blood circulation in the body.  This is not known by everyone, so keep in mind form the next time to sleep with a mink blanket instead of any other.

  • Bone and muscle relaxation

When you sleep with a blanket in AC you will surely notice how relaxed your muscles will be the next day. Otherwise sleeping with a normal dohar or top sheet will make your bones pain. You will keep on wondering why your legs pain while sleeping but the only reason comes out to be is the warmth. So try and sleep to the best with the use of mink blanket. 
I hope this article has served you well. These are the researched facts and figures from various studies. These facts are well supported by psychologists and doctors. 5-6 years ago, blankets were not manufactured keeping in mind these requirements. But now, machinery are made likewise to deliver that comfort.
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